Monday, 18 August 2014

Birds, boats and brides (Days 211 - 220)

Day 211 - Oyster Catchers at Lamlash
It's been a busy 10 days with lots of workshops, private tuition and commercial work to fit into my schedule and I have to admit that it's not been easy to grab a photo for this project some days, despite having a camera in my hand most of the time!
Day 212 - Highland games
Saturday morning of the Highland games and a family portrait shoot had to be finished ready for delivery, so no rest for me and then it was off to the games where the sun shone and the wasps swarmed!  
Day 213 - Using the hide
I'd put the hide up on Friday for a private lesson and it was still up on Sunday, albeit a little worse for wear as one of the poles had snapped :0(  Last year I had built a new feeding station that is more natural and I wanted to see if the birds were using it and how it worked out photographically, so I grabbed half an hour with my camera. It needs a few modifications but the birds like it and hopefully it will attract more than chaffinches next time.
Day 214 - Whiting bay in the wind
Monday night class and it was very windy so we went to Whiting Bay in the hope of capturing some cresting waves.  No such luck, the sea was calm even if the flags were dancing in the wind.

Day 215 - West Side Coast line
I had snapped this in the morning, not intending it to be used but it turned out to be the only shot of the day that I could use for this project - not my finest work!
Day 216 - Turnstones
Another day and more workshops.  This is one of the shots I got from lying on the beach as they were behind a rock (photo of me in action taken by a student is my facebook page banner). Beautiful birds.
Day 217 - Ormidale
 The Ormidale in Brodick, the venue for a wedding this weekend and the weather forecast is bad, so another reccie to work out what lighting I'll need for inside photo's.
Day 218 - Moving the bed 
I decided to move my bed to try my room a different way round - not easy as it's really heavy and there isn't much room. I now have a hole in the plaster - oops!  But I have a plan on how I want my room.  Now I just need to sell the bed base!
Day 219 - Not a dry eye in the marquee
Big wedding day and it was wet and windy.  As the marquee flapped at Blackwaterfoot the rain stopped long enough for the Bride, Claire to be piped in without getting soaked.  The ceremony was beautiful, music, tears and laughter (and the odd bark, as the dog came too).
Day 220- Sorry boys!
Disgruntled dogs as they wait outside in the rain for me to get my boots on and take them for a walk.  I had given up trying to tie my laces with them bouncing around.

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