Thursday, 8 January 2015

Totally unsatisfactory penultimate installment! (Days 354 - 364)

Now by totally unsatisfactory I am talking about the standard of the photographs in this instalment.  I decided to shake up the last couple of week by not using my usual camera and instead using my mobile phone (a new experience for me), a compact or a bridge camera.  It turned out to be a combination of frustration and fun - lots of missed opportunities but a freedom of travelling light. So the offerings are detailed in the captions.
Day 354 - Selfie on the mobile when out running (cani cross) in thick ice - not mastered getting the dog to look at the camera.
Day 355 - Bridge camera on a mountain walk up Goatfell in lovely sunny conditions with plenty of snow near the summit.
Day 356 - Bridge camera - stormy with lots of light reflecting so frustrated at not having a polarizing filter. But I got some good atmospheric images.
Day 357 - Bridge camera - again not bad considering I didn't have a tripod or a filter.
Day 358 - So happy I wasn't subjecting my main camera to these conditions!  Wow it was wild.
Day 359 - Trying to work out how to actually use my mobile phone camera and not doing very well.  There was actually a fantastic moon rising but the camera just wasn't up to it - frustrating - but then my phone only cost £70 and there are great cameras on some mobiles.
Day 360 - Proper camera day.  Out to capture birds but the weather didn't play ball, although I managed a quick snap of this shelduck which is the first record of its return this year after migrating.
Day 361 - A snap on the beach.  The storms are washing up lots of debris, including skeletons of various mammals. 
Day 362 - Mobile - Actually a great photo (in colour) of one of the brightest rainbows I've ever seen.  Shame the quality of the image prevents me from doing much with it.
Day 363 - Foul weather and I took this from the car - feeling lazy today.
Day 363 - No idea what happened with this one taken on my mobile - the image is distorted and I really can't get the hang of using my mobile, I prefer the compact if I can't carry anything bigger.