Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Through the window!

Long tailed tits and Blue tit share a feeder

Well the weather truly is horrible today wet, windy and slushy snow, not to mention freezing temperatures.  So the first hour of the day was sat at the kitchen table watching the garden birds whilst hugging a mug of hot coffee.  I have feeders all around my garden, some in more secluded places but the birds actually empty the ones nearest my window first, apparently unperturbed by my presence.

My fat wood pigeon - one of four
The truth of the matter is I spend more on wild bird food in a year than I do feeding my two dogs!  Peanuts are so expensive! The feeding seems to come in waves, often with over 30 birds at a time vying for space, and queuing on the fence. The fat balls are going down well at the moment and I really do need to make some more – another job for the list.

Dunnock picks seed off the snow
The snow makes it more difficult for the ground feeders, so I braved the slushy snow and went out to throw some seed about for them, although most also use the trays I have dotted about.  

Green finch waits on the fence
The green finches were also in abundance today, and the long tailed tits looked decidedly wet!  

Long tailed tit having a bad feather day!
There is much high drama around the feeders and it can get quite vicious as birds protect their food.

Protecting their feeder from any other takers!
Meanwhile, as the snow falls, one of my regular chaffinches snacks from a tray, he's easy to recognise as he has extra white in his feathers, particularly around his eyes.

A regular Chaffinch  comes for lunch.
Chaffinches are my most abundant bird, arriving in large flocks and feeding from the ground, seed and nut feeders.  There is quite a variation in the feathers making some quite easy to recognise.

And then of course there are always the ones that got away!!

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