Saturday, 10 August 2013

177th Arran Farmers Society Show

Overhead Winner
I've been to many a farmers show, from small villages up to the the huge events held in Yorkshire and Lancashire.  I much prefer the smaller ones as I can see everything and not feel like I've stumbled into a large car boot sale!
Sheep pose for a photo
Arran's event is held every year on the first Wednesday in August.  Last year was a bit of a wash out but this year after an early morning shower it stayed dry and actually sunny in the afternoon.
One of the fine bulls on show
Marvin Elliott was sculpting with his chainsaw (see previous blog), COAST had a touchy feely tank full of sea creatures, the Forestry Commission and rangers were there along with the food stalls, beer tents, and the Douglas Cocktail bar!
Vintage tractor parade
 Vintage tractors paraded, the Arran pipe band played and there was a fantastic display by Duncan and Ali of the Clan cycle stunt team.
One of the birds from Arran bird of prey centre
Meanwhile the competitors vied for position showing off livestock, horsemanship and dog obedience! For those who wanted a dog agility course was available to try - you could even borrow a dog!  The overall winner was a Holstein cow, from Stewart Reid in Lamlash.
Sheep riding - not a competitive sport!

Butter churning, spinning & weaving and birds of prey were other attractions, not to mention sampling some of the local food and of course whisky!
The Clan cycle stunt team
But for me its the livestock that make the show, all the time that it takes to present the animals in tip top condition, coats groomed, horns and hooves oiled, and cattle trained to harness (although some made the odd bid for freedom).
One of the many horse competitors
More pictures can be seen here for The Clan Cycle Stunt Team and here for the Farmers Show.
Walking stick carving

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