Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Firework Photography

My local bonfire night was originally planned for Saturday 2nd, however high winds and lashing rain resulted in it being postponed to Monday 4th - a day with a good weather forecast.  And so it proved to be. Clear skies, little wind and no rain.  The locals gathered as the fire brigade lit the bonfire and I fumbled with the head torch setting up my camera.

Nightime photography usually means I travel quite light. Minimal kit (its too easy to lose in the dark), a camera with pre determined lens fixed, tripod and remote shutter release: All usually attached in the comfort of my own home or car.  No brollies or rain covers required as it wasn't raining but with the essential head torch dangling from my neck.

The first firework was lit and up it went enabling me to get a fix on what was to come.  Timings can be difficult as can focusing are best done manually for this type of photography.  Once the fireworks start there is little time to start experimenting, so a good understanding of the cameras functions is needed beforehand.

With practice (and there are often several bonfires over different nights - along with Christmas displays) some good results can be achieved.

All photographys remain copywrite of Arran in Focus

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