Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Chipperfields Circus comes to Arran

Aerial Silks high in the big top
It's not everyday that a circus comes to town, and for Lamlash on the Isle of Arran I think this was a first. Organised by the Glenisle Hotel as part of the fabulous 4th Santa's Sparkle event the Chipperfields Circus was the highlight of Sunday.
Aerial hoop
The circus dates back to around 1650, when it was the norm to have performing animals - often of a rare and exotic nature.  Nowadays all the acts are human, even if they seem to be able to perform inhuman feats of contortion and defeat gravity.
Balancing on some rather shaky rods
The first, and for me, most impressive act was that of aerial silks.  Climbing high into the big top the artist performed, climbs, drops and poses, all without a safety rope or net.
Hoola hoop Charleston style
This was followed by a duo performing some amazing balancing whilst raised off the ground, a hoola hoop act, juggling and aerial hoop display.
The clown and his tame tiger!
And of course not forgetting the clown who had his own special animal act.
Plate spinning in the circus skills workshop
At the end all of the children (and some adults) had a go at various circus skills in a mini workshop.
The Chipperfield circus still tours internationally and is probably the most famous in the world.
Photographs copyright Arran in Focus

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