Friday, 23 May 2014

Doubles (Day 123 - 133)

Another 10 days has passed me by and I have to admit with the exception of a couple of photographs I'm posting some rather substandard efforts! I seem to have see-sawed from great opportunity to chasing my tail and forgetting - I also committed the cardinal sin of running out of battery, fortunately not whilst on a job! But why doubles? Well there are two pictures of students at work, 2 vintage subjects, 2 sick animals, 2 birds in hand, 2 floral subjects and 2 large lumps of metal. And all this by chance!
Day 123 - A real sign of may with apple blossom in full bloom
Some of the blossom on the trees is stunning at the moment and I'm just waiting for the storm that will bring it all crashing down.  But its not just tree blossom, all the lovely spring and summer flowers are blooming and the road verges look fabulous with pinks and blues up the bankings.
Day 124 - The first taste of vintage
These two fabulous cars were parked outside the Machrie Bay Tearoom and I grabbed the opportunity to get a few snaps (more on my facebook page). I admire the hours it must take to keep them in such pristine condition. Car washing and waxing is something that I only do when absolutely necessary (actually I should just say washing here, as I can say I've ever waxed my car!)
Day 125 - Fern feelers
The fern is putting out its shoots which I think look like feelers exploring the air.  This really was a shot of desperation as I rushed around checking a site for a lesson, before taking students out, and juggling too many balls in the air this week.
Day 126 - Students on location (1)
Site and exercises scoped yesterday and the students are hard at it.  Lots of competing light with lovely sunshine and harsh shadows. But I got to play on the rope swing so that they could practice fast and slow shutter speeds - and this is work?
Day 127 - The second bit of vintage 
An old expanding camera, as far as I know not working.  But what an amazing bit of kit.  I'm intended to put it into my studio and set off to paint a shelf.  But didn't get very far as although I have the paint I don't have a brush!  another item added to my mainland shopping list!
Day 128 - Poorly Bowser  (sickness 1)
Bowser has a bad back and hips, he's only 4 so forgets sometimes that he can't or shouldn't jump.  On Saturday he was in severe pain and had to be rushed to the vets.  It's horrible to see a pet in such pain and I really wasn't sure I would be bringing him home.  But a strong injection that made him very drowsy and 12 hours sleep on the settee and he started to improve a little.  More painkillers have followed and finally he is improving again.
Day 129 - Another patient just before I released it (sickness 2 and bird in the hand 1)
This little siskin I picked out of the bird feeder tray when it was lashing it down with rain and it was clearly not well.  It let me pick it up without any struggle and for the second time this weekend I felt pessimistic about its chances.  But I put it in a box, with food and warmth and sure enough it perked up enough for me to release it a couple of hours later.
Day 130 - Thumbs up for this wee pheasant chick only a couple of hours old (bird in the hand 2)
The pheasant breeding that I'm following is going well and the chicks are hatching and moving from hatchery into special pens that have heat and humidity controlled.  Unfortunately the heat and humidity attract midges so I didn't hang around too long.
Day 131 - Student on location (2)
Another day another workshop.  A half day session with a miserable forecast turned into a lovely sunny afternoon.  We covered landscapes, close up work and waterfalls, not to mention some wildlife.
Day 132 - Lump of metal (1)
On full day tours I take out the camping stove and we stop for a brew and lunch along the way.  While the kettle boils we take the opportunity to photo the landscape and birds in the area. On this occasion a tractor pulled in for a quick stop and I grabbed a snap.
Day 133 - Lump of metal 2
It wasn't on my plan for this year but a huge electric bill made me realise I mustn't use the central heating quite so much.  So I opted for a wood burning stove to be fitted - can't wait to try it out but apparently I have to wait a couple of days for the cement to set.  I'm sure its going to be toasty in my house next winter.


  1. Lovely photos, you should keep warm with that wood burning stove this winter.

    1. And hopefully I'll post a piccie of it lit.

  2. I'm sorry. Though they are all amazing photos... Bowser unconditioanlly wins my heart and long term affection. :) ~ Rhondi

    1. He is also known as my 'living teddy bear'. He is so cuddly and loving. He is back to his usual self today and will be enjoying a short walk on the beach later.