Saturday, 11 October 2014

Run, run, run. (Days 263 - 273)

Day 263 - Autumn Seaweed
Monday dawns, my diary if full to busting and my brain if fixed firmly on the weekend ahead an my first Cani-cross event, so I will be running in more ways than one this week.  The evening brought my usual evening class students and we went to one of my favourite local spots - the Lamlash boatyard and photographed as the dusk turned the sky pink.  The seaweed, exposed by the tide shimmered in autumn colours which are not apparent in monochrome.
Day 264 - In the spotlight
This 'bug' appeared on Tuesday evening, late, but with perfect timing as I realised I hadn't done the requisite photo of the day.  It seem unperturbed by my spotlight, however this proved tricky as I tried to manage the camera and light whilst focusing.
Day 265 - Catching the light
 Another frantic day as I run from meeting to meeting with various clients and fit the dog walks into the schedule.  I felt frustrated as the afternoon sun glinted off the trees and I wanted to spend ages taking pictures - but it is not to be this week!
Day 266 - Surfing the breeze
It was very gusty today and the sea crested and seagulls appeared to surf the wind for pure pleasure. Again time was tight just as the light was perfect - and I have yet to pack all the stuff for the weekend.
Day 267 - Mainland bales
I was mainland bound today and unsurprising the weather is turning with a wet forecast for the next 2 days.  But I am on the mainland so different opportunities arise and I get to shop, not that I like shopping but the chance to visit several outdoor shops in Perth was not to be missed.
Day 268 - Cani-cross on a scooter
Race day!  The race times really mean that I won't have much chance to take photo's but that was not what I was here for.  The weather was tipping down, making the course very slippy and muddy.  The 'wheeled' classed raced first, with bikes and scooters, single and two dog teams.  And OMG the speed the set off.  The dogs were so excited.  My nerves grew.  But before long my turn came for the novice race and Watson seemed to take it in his stride.
Day 269 - Second race day
Today I get to do it all again but further this time and I'm not quite so nervous.  A bonus was the rain abated somewhat today, but the course was still muddy.  We completed the course in a good time (for us) very slow compared to everyone else.  But I was really pleased with how it went and how Watson took to it.  I did carry a compact camera around but found it impossible to take a clear image during the race and gave up after a couple of tries and concentrated on keeping upright.
Day 269 - From my compact
Today is a rest day, if I ignore all the wet muddy kit that needs sorting out.  Decided to bundle it into a bin bag and put it in the car till we get home.  A quiet day with a gentle stroll along a lovely woodland path somewhere near Caputh.  Watson still has lots of energy and wanted to play with his ball.
Day 270 - Ugly concrete bridge on what was a beautiful woodland path.
As much as I like going away for a few day, there is something special about coming home.  And the sunlight broke through the clouds as we neared Brodick.  Worth the blast of chilly wind to get the shot.
Day 271 - Sunburst through the clouds
Back to routine and playing catch up for taking a few days off.  But today on our regular Dyemill dog walk we found a nest, likely to be from a Coal tit, on the forest floor that had fallen from the trees. An egg, well past its hatch by date, sat inside and the moss and feathers remained intact.
Day 272 - Abandoned nest
Rain was forecast all afternoon and yet it turned into one of those beautiful chilly sunny autumn days. The photo workshop today concentrated on autumn colours which are vibrant yellows and rich oranges, it will be another couple of weeks before we see the deep reds. No one was rushing so we took advantage of the fabulous conditions as stayed out an extra hour or so.
Day 273 - Little spider clings to the underside of a yellow leaf.
This is my favourite time of year for colour and light and I really hope to make the most of it over the next couple of weeks.

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