Monday, 29 September 2014

A hard week (Days 253 - 262)

Day 253 - Fungi gills
I'm actually surprised at the images I'm putting up for this 10 day section as I have felt really rushed and a bit 'snappy' (in a photographic way).  It's the first time I have felt like giving up the challenge. But then it is coming into Autumn, my favorite time of year for images - and when all else fails there are plenty of mushrooms around.
Day 254 - Holy webs
I couldn't resist this cobweb that was dusted with willow herb seeds and had a hole punched through the middle.  The spider had long gone! The seeds from the willow herb were so plentiful it looked like it had been snowing.
Day 255 - Splash down
 I had forgotten how messy water splash photography can be.  Thankfully the weather was nice this evening so the students were able to carry out this exercise outside.  Waterproof electrics and splash guards on lights are essential.
Day 256 - Wreck at Lochranza
I  have no idea what the story is behind this wreck at Lochranza but I would guess a storm blew it up the shore and the resulting damage made it unworthy of repair (or removal).  It's a shame as it looked like it was a grand boat in its time.
Day 257 - Laid back blonde.
People often holiday with their dogs and I always try to accommodate students who want to bring along their four legged pal.  This lovely lady proved to be very calm and pottered around our tripods and slept at our feet while we did our stuff.
Day 258 - Misty morn
Not quite light, very grey, and the cloud hung about 50 feet off the floor when I took this shot.  But it proved to be the only one of the day that I did for myself and hence it became the days subject.  Not overly inspiring but as I would say to my regular course students - it's straight!
Day 259 - Food shoot
Today I did a food shoot.  These are always a challenge, lighting, table settings and a multitude of other things that have to be considered to get the shot right.  But today's bonus was a  dessert based on icecream - it just had to be eaten as I went through the photographic process.
Day 260 - The jug
Two mushrooms in one blog - not ideal but I imagined this could be an inspiration for a jug design. The mushroom had 'bowled' and created a pouring lip.  The gills added pattern and the dark line around the edge definition.  I should also say this was about 8 inches across, so a pint sized jug.
Day 261 - Laptop
Time to have a clear out and the old laptops need to go.  So the Arran Weebay site is being tested again.  I'd sold the first one within the hour.
Day 262 - Waston before he got too wet
An hour off and time to take the dogs out for a really good play.  One tennis ball, one large pool of water and a ball thrower = hours of fun and 2 wet exhausted dogs.  It will be peaceful this evening.

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