Sunday, 7 September 2014

Shoot and run (Days 232 - 240)

Day 232 - Scaffold around the old Lamlash Church
The last 10 days have been fairly frantic with weddings, workshops and plenty of commercial jobs to complete. Most of the photo's for the project have really be grabbed along the way - some on my pocket compact as flash cards filled up with jobs and batteries were charged.

The conversion of the old church into residential property seems to be taking a while but with the scaffolding up I'm sure it will suddenly be finished.  Looking forward to seeing them.
Day 233 - Brambles
I love this time of year, so much colour in the berries, the mushrooms are starting to appear in great numbers and there is still plenty of wildlife around.
Day 234 - Cooling swim
Still managing to get some cani-cross training in with Watson despite the busy week.  He enjoys a swim when we're near any water and it's good for him to cool off and see the training as fun.
Day 235 - Graveyard shift
 Monday evening class and a trip to a couple of graveyards for tonight's exercises. I like the old graveyards as the stones tell more of a story giving a feel for the people who have gone before.
Day 236 - The happy couple
Today I had the privilege of  photographing Vivienne and Angus's wedding.  The swans floated by when we were on the bridge and stayed in shot for a short while.  It was a beautiful day.
Day 237 - Bambi
Full day workshops and an island tour taking in the deer at Lochranza, including this little 'bambi'. So cute.
Day 238 - In full sail
More workshops and back to Kildonan. The day was hazy and it gave a mystical feel to the sailing ship.  I wish it had been a little closer as I think it would have looked spectacular.
Day 239 - Nuts
Today it's editing day and I try not to be too distracted by the wildlife outside my window.  But it is good to give the eyes a rest and focus on something a little further away every so often (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).
Day 240 - Lunch grab
Another quick lunch time job but the upside is I get fed at this one. And what a view from the restaurant at Altachorvie.


  1. Where is the most photogenic graveyard on Arran ? By coincidence when i was looking at your crying lady sculpture last week i was thinking if i was photographing it as a wet day challenge i would photograph it in a graveyard in B&W with shallow DOF (Out of focus gravestones in the background).I thought that would make a interesting image or maybe i am just crazy:)
    Hope this fantastic" indian summer" lasts a while yet.

    1. There are several 'photogenic' graveyards, the one at Glen Rosa and the one at Sannox spring to mind. And strangely enough they were down for a wet weather session - but we have had sunshine for ages and I wanted to do it before it got too dark in the evenings.
      Lets hope the weather continues.