Thursday, 18 September 2014

Finding the money tree (Days 241 - 252)

Day 241 - Forest track above Lamlash
The cani-cross training continues and Watson is getting really good a tripping me up - I can't believe its only a couple of weeks before our first event!  Good job it's just for fun.  But I have to say that he ran really well on the way home after running along the forest trails above Lamlash.
Day 242 - Brodick Castle Gardens
Today I had the pleasure of photographing in the gardens of Brodick Castle which were in full bloom. The formal walled garden is set around a sun dial and further areas include some water pools and the Bavarian summerhouse.
Day 243 - White tailed bee?
A short walk today with the dogs and there were lots of small bees around with noticeably white bottoms. They are probably white tailed bumble bees but I'm no expert on this.
Day 244 - Mushroom season
It's the time of year where mushrooms spring up everywhere, and this was no exception.  Standing about 5 inches high, and lucky for me on a bank so I didn't have to lay on the floor, it caught the sunlight. I don't actually like mushrooms so having to decide if the are safe to eat or not is never an issue.
Day 245 - High on Sannox
A scorching day with clear blue skies and a heat haze that July or August would have been proud of. The dogs forged through the bracken and the brambles snagged at me.  Despite the glorious weather there was no money in this tree.
Day 246 - Flagging Bowser 
Bowser is struggling again with his back and when he has walked far enough he takes himself back to the car and patiently waits for me to arrive.  The only snag is, he waits at the back of the nearest car he finds (or any car if we've walked direct from the house)!  I have to watch out for him disappearing so I can retrace my steps to find him.
Day 247 - Hazy heat at Lamlash
Another hot and hazy day, this time the walk is at Lamlash.  The dogs were in and out of the sea to cool off and the water shimmered. The yachts barely moved in the flat calm waters.
Day 248 - Seals taking a break.
A bit chillier this morning and grey!  What a shock to the system, I thought the sunshine was going to last forever. But all the seals were out taking a break and were in lazy mood, paying little attention to my careful manoeuvres.
Day 249 - Dragon Fire
This is the dragon head on the Viking boat that will be burnt later this year at Corrie and Sannox.  It seems such a shame to destroy such a lovely piece of work.
Day 250 - Low flying aircraft
I felt my hair part when this passed me by.  I was on the beach just north of Dougarie and I think you can tell by the angle of the shot just how low this was flying and so close to the shore.  I think there may be an air show somewhere near?
Day 251 - Roots
I love this tree and how it is clinging to the rock.  The branches look more like roots and it fans out across the cliff face.  But this is not the money tree.
Day 252 - Money Tree
 On one of my frequent walks I have noticed a tree acquiring some money.  Mainly 20 p pieces wedged into the bark, mostly at head height.  I have no idea who or why this is being done, although I have seen it before at some popular mainland sites.  At least if I ever need money for a pint of milk I know where to go!

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