Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A wee week (Days 194 - 200)

Day 194 - Grasshopper
 Looking at my diary I worked out that I needed to change the timing of my blog if I had any chance of getting it done in the next few weeks so I've slipped in a 'wee week' of just 7 daily photo's.  And as its just a wee week I thought all my pictures could be 'wee'.  I was lucky enough today to get a grasshopper as my subject - nice and wee!
Day 195 - Feeling dizzy
Today was a scorcher, the beaches were full and the brave were swimming in the sea.  I found it a little hot to be working and ended up doing a quick snap of some little periwinkle shells.  I'm not sure why I like this blurred version the best, but when a large version is viewed (click on it) it seems to make me dizzy.
Day 196 - Peas in a pod
This little pea has sprung up in my garden, I think its an escapee from the bird seed.  But it was small so fitted the bill when I was scouting around for my subject.
Day 197 - Dead bat
Another dead bat, this time a small brown one with little ears. A friend, knowing I had photographed a bat the week before, brought it round. I'd have preferred a bottle of wine! It wasn't very photogenic but it was little.
Day 198 - Statue
This is my little stone statue that I brought back from one of my travels.  It was small enough to carry on the trek without being too heavy and I love it and had been meaning to photograph it for ages.
Day 199 - Moth in the hand
I couldn't believe it when this lady moth decided to come and sit on my hand. She sat there quite nicely, allowing me go and get my camera and  change the settings (all one handed) until I had taken her picture and then she flew off.
Day 200 - Ladybird
The ladybird was not quite so cooperative and as soon as I had taken this shot, it moved and turned its back on me before scurrying down the plant into the undergrowth.  But it nicely brought an end to my 7 wee days.

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