Saturday, 12 July 2014

Half way there (Days 174 - 183)

Day 174 - Sannox
How can the last 10 days go so fast and yet seem so long ago?  Today saw me running around different parts of the island and ending up at Sannox to drop of a lens that I said I would lend out - all ended up being a rush as the weather forecast meant they had to leave the island a day early.
Day 175 - Bleached claw
Today I had a few IT issues and I am really getting fed up with it - could they really all be down to Windows 8? Tomorrow I'm set to reboot all the student laptops and start them up fresh (good job the weather forecast is miserable). The claw seemed fitting as I was feeling 'crabby' about it!
Day 176 - Shed at Dyemill
Eight hours and I need some fresh air and a good walk.  The sun has come out after raining all day and my eyes are feeling the strain of sitting in front of laptops all day.  But at least now I know its just one laptop and its clearly faulty! Even better news I managed to exchange it without any issues and (fingers crossed) everything seems to be working ok now.
Day 177 - Arran Mountain Rescue Vehicles
Today it was the Arran Mountain Rescue Team open day. I have much admiration for these people (and dogs) who turn out to rescue the foolish and unfortunate alike, in their own time and without pay. I spend many a happy hour in the mountains and hope I never need their services, but am reassured to know they are there.
Day 178 - The island is basking in sunshine
Today was taken up with a full day tour in wall to wall sunshine.  Heat hazes and shimmering water proved challenging, but I really felt sorry for the half marathon runners at Blackwaterfoot - a tough route a best, made harder by the heat.
Day 179 - Common Gulls visit the garden
I seem to be getting a few larger birds in the garden at the moment and these include common gulls and a large family of jackdaws.  The jackdaws actually manage to hand off the nut feeders something I never thought they could do.
Day 180 - Looking over to Kintyre
The island seems to be surrounded in a ring of cloud.  Threatening but not amounting to anything the sun continued to shine.
Day 181 - Glen Rosa
It's hot and I'm trying to give the dogs a different route where there is plenty of fresh water for them.  Glen Rosa is ideal and they made their way up the valley going pool to pool and having a swim.  Several tourists had also taken the opportunity to remove boots and dunk their feet - not all were impressed when dogs do what they do when they get out of water!
Day 182 - Cows and calves on the beach
Even the cows seem lethargic in the sunshine, ambling along the beach under the watchful eye of the huge bull.
Day 183 - Small tortoiseshell caterpillar
On the walk to fallen rocks I saw large numbers of small tortoiseshell caterpillars - looks like they are having a good year.  I also saw plenty of speckled wood butterflies - a first for me.  It's a great walk for wild flowers, insects and butterflies, but I am always surprised by the lack of birds on this walk.

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