Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Getting to the finish line (Days 163 - 173)

Day 163 - Wild rose
It's Saturday, Day 163 and I can't think or function and it has nothing to do with completing my tax return this morning.  No, the fact is its only 7 days to the Gate the Gate 5km fun run at Brodick Castle and I have a niggly injury that just keeps playing up. I do not feel ready!
Day 164 - Looking up
I am flat on my back and pondering the patterns of the leaves as I catch my breath - no I haven't been running!  I ended up flat on my back as I slipped and instead of saving myself I saved the camera.
Day 165 - Gaining height
My regular Monday evening students gaining some height (after a full risk assessment) as they practice some landscape skills.  Speed was also required - who could complete the challenge I set before being eaten by the midges.
Day 166 - Fly
Tonight should be the last training session before the race (its never far from my thoughts at the moment) and I've decided to rest.  This is me being sensible - I know I can do 5km, even if I walk it, but my competitive streak says I want a good time (for me that's not coming last).
Day 167 - New shoes
Gone are the days of high heels and power dressing, it's now all walking boots and trainers.  I know I shouldn't wear new trainers on the day but my old ones are knackered and lack support and these feel really comfy.
Day 168 - Scottish Thistle
Think of Scotland and kilts, bagpipes and thistles come to mind (not to mention a few other things).  The thistles are starting to really show and I love this stage, before the colour, when they look fierce and ready to spike anything that comes near.
Day 169 - Path to the swimming pools
Another hot one and I'm choosing walks for the dogs where they can get a swim or stay in shade. There's not much water in the pools but enough for a cool down.
Day 170 - Fun Run 
The day has arrived and I really don't think fun and run should be in the same sentence.  I am anxious!  It's hot and the hill on Castle Drive is hard to walk up never mind run.  But off I set and soon meet up with my running group, who are all equally nervous.  Some of the more advanced runners have raced before, but for my group we are all first timers.  Laura & Marion, Run Arran, have done a fantastic job of organising everything - Mountain rescue and Doctors all in place and the promise of cream scones afterwards.  And before I knew it I'd finished (not going to mention the painful slog up the hill).   I may even sign up for next years run.
Day 171 - Waverley
Back to normal today and a leisurely stroll around the coast to spot the Peregrine chicks, Stonechats and watch the Waverley pass by after its trip around Ailsa Craig.
Day 172 - The Ferry Challenge
Monday evening again and another student challenge - this time around the Calmac ferry terminal.  Whilst my students did their thing, I chatted to Neil who works for Calmac to find out that he's a fabulously talented artist, who trained at the Manchester School of Art and does amazing pencil portraits (and other subjects). His drawings looked like black and white photographs they were so realistic.
Day 173 - Lily
This just caught my eye, as the light caught the Lily against a dark hedge and it may be the last day of sunshine for a while, as rain is forecast.

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