Saturday, 21 June 2014

It ends with a death and a hot dog (Days 153 - 162)

Day 153 - Pladda
I never tire of this view and am constantly amazed by how it changes with weather (and different lenses).  On a calm day it can be really peaceful.

Day 154 - Air guitar
Today I did a quick portrait session on the beach for a friend.  It was lovely and sunny with a nice breeze.  I loved the more candid pictures of her playing naturally and had to laugh as this looks like she's playing 'air guitar' - maybe a glimpse into the future?
Day 155 - White foxglove
 Today I had a land rover photo safari arranged with the Arran Rangers and we travelled into Glen Rosa.  Despite being overcast we got some great shots and found a beautiful white foxglove, gold-ringed dragonflies, orchids and much more.  Looking forward to the next one in August.
Day 156 - Portrait of Cameroon
 I don't do many portrait sessions and I think some of that is because the 'British' are a bit reticent about having their pictures taken.  No so with the Cameroonians who visited Arran this week. They were more than happy to pose, and in fact queued to get a chance of being photographed. Many were in traditional dress and they played the drums and generally had great fun, the full colourful album can be seen here.
Day 157 - Crumpled wings
Back to my more usual habitat of flora and fauna and I came across a crumpled gold-ringed dragonfly on a footpath but it was still alive, so I gently lifted it and removed some 'debris' from its wings and held it against a fern stalk.  It grabbed on and shook its wings and seemed to be happier, so I left it alone in the hope it would recover.
Day 158 - Evening flowers
Monday evening and it was beautiful light for the start of some 'drop in' evening sessions which I am running through the summer.  Tonight we walked up to the lochan at Dyemill and practiced some close up skills as well as a couple of landscapes.  Anyone interested in evening sessions just needs to get in touch.
Day 159 - Hot hot hot
This evening it was far too hot to do a 5km run (first one in about 18 months) but that's what I did.  Why you may ask - well I'm signed up for the first 5km Gate to Gate fun run next week at Brodick Castle and I needed the practice.  I had to have a dip in the sea straight afterwards.
Day 160 - Light 
It's still hot and as I sat in my sunchair in the garden I couldn't help but notice the light shining through one of my plants.  Felling lazy (probably due to last nights run), I decided that would do for today's image and I'm actually quite pleased with it.
Day 161 - Dead Kettle
Today my kettle died.  The electrics went off so I tried the usual changing the fuse with my fingers crossed that this would not work (and it didn't). Strange you may think that I would be happy about the demise of my kettle.  Well yes in some ways; I loved the bright red enamel, apart from the fact it chipped badly around the lid.  I loved that it boiled quickly but not to the extent I needed ear defenders when it was turned on and I couldn't boil the kettle and answer the phone or even listen to music. I always overfilled it as I couldn't read the measure and it was heavy.  So it was a love hate relationship which is now over and I have a new see through kettle!
Day 162 - Resting in the shade
I am taking the full blame for the current heatwave on two counts, firstly I had a new wood burning stove fitted and second I have a new running harness for Watson.  Both require a bit of 'cool' to be tested.  But yesterday I found a lovely shaded forest path to test out the harness, and it had a couple of steams with pools for the dog along the way.  Watson seemed less sure of his new harness but ran really well with stops for a quick swim in the pools.  Strangely he pulls more on his lead than in the harness but I'm sure he'll take to cani-cross.

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