Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Another mixed bag (Day 134 - 143)

Another instalment in my 365 project has seen me considering subjects for Black and White that I would never have contemplated before. Not all of them work and if it wasn't for my commercial jobs I think I would seriously be craving more colour.
Day 134 - Scouting the route for the land rover photo safari in Glen Rosa
The week has swapped between needing filters to flippers as the strong sunlight cast dark shadows and midday was not ideal for delicate subjects.  But the cloud looked stunning in bright blue skies (ok so it comes out grey in this project). Glen Rosa is always beautiful whatever the weather and I'm looking forward to doing a land rover safari with the rangers on the 13th June.
Day 135 - Full day family workshop to celebrate a birthday, went to see the seals at Kildonan
Day 135 and the planning for a surprise workshop for a 40th birthday arrived.  All the family came (well four of them) and we had a great day around the island.  The weather forecast had been abysmal but in the end we had sunshine all day.
Day 136 - Carved and cut leaves in the Glade at Brodick Castle
Sunday the 25th and I had a job for Creative Scotland to photograph the work of Karen Rann, Artist in Residence at Brodick Castle. As 2pm approached so did the black skies and it wasn't long before thunder rumbled and lightening flashed.  The guests still arrived and sipped the bubbly whilst sheltering under trees (I'm not sure this is actually advisable in thunder storms).  But the storm passed and we listened to Sara Maitland read her story and enjoyed the tranquillity of the Glade.
Day 137 - No time for tea
It's late and I was still working.  I hadn't done my photo of the day as I was still editing.  I was hungry and tired but couldn't be bothered to cook.  Beer and chocolate seemed the ideal solution to all of my needs!
Day 138 - Laura trying to avoid the camera
Running night and a hot and sticky run through trails with a quite horrible hill at the end - just slow enough for the midges to gather - I swear I could hear them sniggering at the thought of us stopping for the warm down! It was a fast warm down, virtually impossible to do with the swarms that gathered and we all quickly departed.
Day 139 - Watson after a cool down in the river
Watson has decided its spring, that means he is no longer listening to me but looking for mischief!  Usually in the form of pheasant that seem to be abundant wherever we walk.  Even the tennis ball pales to insignificance if a bird runs in front of him.  Determined to tire him out, a walk up the Iorsa River with the ball thrower seemed to do the trick.
Day 140 - Lady Jean Fforde
Is it rude to discuss a Lady's age?  I really don't think so when it is a matter of record and it is in admirable terms.  Lady Jean is still working away, aged 93, signing her book Castles to Catastrophes and selling her paintings. The book signing held at Strabane was well attended.
Day 141 - Lighthouse at Ardrossan Harbour
 A quick dash over to the mainland to give Watson a try out at cani-cross.  This is where a proper running/pulling harness is used to exercise the dog and owner.  It's hard work but lots of fun and he really took to the harness and enjoyed working.  I'm sure there will be photo's of this to follow at some time but I really can't master the harness and a camera at the same time just yet!
Day 142 - Mr & Mrs MacHale
Working on the sidelines at Altachorvie during Katy and Paddy's wedding I couldn't resist a snap of the lovely couple.  The day was beautifully sunny which matched the pale yellow bridesmaid dresses and bouquets. A lovely relaxed day and I wish them lots of luck for the future.


  1. Lovely photos - quite brooding in some and eye catching in others.

  2. Had a go at shooting my first B&W pics today.(Posted to my G+)
    I took them in colour and converted to B&W in iPhoto. Would i get better results if set up the A7R to shoot in B&W ?
    Heineken -Why not Arran beer :)

    1. Hi John, I seem to remember you shoot in RAW? If so setting up your A7R to B &W will give you the original data (colour) + the camera shot data (B & W). I have 2 or 3 B & W settings that I've set on my camera for different effects. Remember with monochrome you are looking for contrast and texture and not colour tones. As for the beer, I'd already drunk the Arran (which is why I only had a can lurking in the depths of my fridge)! Hopefully see you again some time.

  3. Hi Jackie,
    Thanks for the reply.I can adjust contrast,saturation and sharpness (+/-3) in B&W + raw mode.
    Now if it would stop raining for 5 mins i could try the different effects !. Seriously this horrible wet weather is driving me round the bend ! Where is summer ?

  4. Yep, wet here too. Let me know how you get on.


  5. Hi Jackie,
    I tried to shoot some "In camera" b&w images in RAW but did not work out as expected.The images appeared as B&W in the LCD and EVF while i was shooting but when i connected the A7R to my iMac and transferred the files to iPhoto they were all in full colour !
    Any idea why that happened ?

  6. RAW files actually containg 3 parts, the camera data i.e model, shutter speed, aperture - none of these can be changed as it's the 'hardware'. Then a data set of information direct from the camera sensor (pure as it is read) and image data which includes any settings you altered on the camera i.e. white balance, saturation, colour. When you upload to your computer the software should allow you to see both of the last two files. How these are labelled will depend on the software but it could be 'as shot' 'raw default' 'image settings' etc - you will need to read your software manual. This ensures no matter what cock up you made on the camera settings (don't confuse with hardware settings) you can retrieve the image as recorded by the sensor (before it hit the camera settings). If you don't normally shoot in RAW it can be confusing. Another option is to shoot in RAW and Jpeg at the same time - majority of cameras allow this. Then the RAW will be in colour and the jpeg in B & W. Clear as mud?? You could always come for another session :0)