Thursday, 12 June 2014

From chicks to otters (Days 143 - 152)

Day 143 - Herring Gull on Pladda
After baking in the sunshine on Day 142 (fortunately for the wedding goers), Sunday saw torrential rain and temperatures plummet - just the day to spend on the little Isle of Pladda with a few university students.  For those who don't know, Pladda is uninhabited and only reached by boat.  However, this is a privileged position where I get access to breeding birds and one not to be missed.
Day 144 - Anything is worth a try in the battle of the midges!
Monday is supposed to be a little quieter now that the collage course I was teaching on has finished but it seemed as frantic as ever - maybe because my Mums coming later in the week and the house is in a bit of a mess - remember the lovely wood burning stove (Day 133), well it had to come out again along with the fireplace.  But I did go shopping and bought some yeast - not for baking - I'm going to make some midge catchers.
Day 145 - Liz - looking good while I took some light readings.
Tuesday and a job photographing Ian and Liz from the Lamlash Bay Hotel. Liz was very relaxed as I took some light readings before the real thing.
Day 146 - Out of the hatch pops a little chick
The chicks are hatching at the Dougarie Estate and are so cute.  There seem to be chicks around everywhere at the moment and the pebbled beaches are alive with the different stages of breeding.
Day 147 - Guillemots nesting above Kings Cave
A quick jaunt along the coast today before picking up Mum from the ferry and having a closer look at the black guillemots nesting above the Kings Caves.  Occasionally visitors report they have seen penguins on Arran - I'm pretty sure this is what they have seen as they can waddle along in a quite upright position and for a 'non' birdy person it may look very much like a penguin!
Day 148 - Mum resting on an ornate bench in Brodick Castle Gardens
Today, I spent the day with Mum and we had a lovely time in the sunshine going around Brodick Castle gardens and enjoying lunch on the Castle terrace.  There are many amazing and unusual plants to be found along with the Bavarian summerhouse.
Day 149- The fireplace - now residing in the shed.
The predicted storm arrived today and we had planned for it, with a quick trip out in the morning before the rain arrived.  What I didn't plan for was more problems with the stove and water seemed to be tracking down the chimney and running off the top of it! Anyone need a lovely wooden fireplace?
Day 150 - Highland Cattle
The storm was short lived and we managed another lovely walk today - I'm enjoying a few days off - with a picnic in the bag.  I have to say the picnic included a cake - another plus of Mum coming.
Day 151 - Another bucket this time for the kitchen ceiling!
I got an unexpected shower today after swiping what I thought was a bit of dust stuck to the ceiling in the kitchen, with a tea towel. The swipe released the pressure building up above and released a small chunk of plaster along with a bucket full of water!  I clearly had a leak. Emergency plumber called and all sorted now. Thank goodness the plasterer hasn't come to finish off the stove yet.
Day 152 - An otter stays long enough for me to get a shot (only because I had the camera to hand).
And today I saw and photographed an otter.  These beautiful creatures have been a bit elusive lately so I was really pleased to see it - not so pleased that an Oyster Catcher let it know of my presence!

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  1. It's bad enough when water drops out of the sky - even worse when it comes through the kitchen ceiling ! Perfect bucket choice for this little crisis - "No stress" and "Be happy" printed on the side :)
    Your mum looks very happy to be on Arran with her daughter
    Great otter shot.Very few people ever see this creature let alone get a photo.