Sunday, 30 November 2014

End of November (Days 317 - 325)

Day 317 - Child's play
Nearly the end of November and the weather is so warm my daffodils have started to sprout but it's dark early and that can prove a challenge when finding enough light for photography.  No worries when it's an inside family shoot though with a couple of portable studio lights.
Day 318 - Night run
The day ran away and I ended up snapping this fern using the compact camera I carry when running with the dog.  I really must work out how to download the images from my phone, then I could carry one less thing.
Day 319 - From the roadside
It was actually cold today and I was positively under-dressed in a short sleeved shirt and light jacket to attend a colleagues funeral.  But it was good to see the Lochranza church overflowing with as many people outside as in. As I had 'proper' shoes on, I snapped this from the roadside at Corrie.
Day 320 - Antler lichen
Antler and beard lichen are quite easy to mix up.  But the antler lichen is more branched than the beard lichen.   Lots of it around at the moment and easy to spot on the bear trees.
Day 321 - Glen Iorsa
Today saw me walking up Glen Iorsa - not an uncommon route for me. But today I was armed with dog treats and binoculars as a dog had gone missing a few days before and could have come this way. I didn't find it but luckily it was found the next day. A bit hungry but ok.
Day 322 - Helicopter happiness
I'm just really pleased with how this image turned out.  The helicopter was on the island to help with the deer count to help with deer management on the island.
Day 323 - Pocket of mist
It was actually a clear day down in Glen Rosa and the students snapped away at the lovely landscapes but there was a small area of trees that just seemed to retain it's mistiness.
Day 324 - Cute dog
This little dog stood his ground on the path I was walking - the owner was well ahead with another dog.  But after checking us out he seemed happy enough to let us continue.  He was so cute with a great haircut - no surprise to find out that he uses the same dog groomer as mine do (Barks & Bubbles, Whiting Bay).
Day 325 - Last day of November
And today the temperature reached 17c and it felt like summer with lovely blue skies and flat calm seas.  I watched an otter at Kildonan (too far away to photo) and enjoyed the sunshine.  Tomorrow I can start thinking about Christmas!

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