Saturday, 1 November 2014

Nodding dog (Days 285 - 295)

Day 285 - Sleepy head
Bowser is sat at my feet, the kitchen is warm as I do some cooking and despite being tired he won't go to bed just is case I drop something tasty, but he keeps nodding off and reminds me of one of those nodding dogs that I used to see on the back shelf of cars - do you remember them?
Day 286 - Conkers
 A bumper year for conkers but I never seem to see any children playing this game anymore.
Day 287 - Workshop in Merkland
Workshops this week have meant waterproofs and wellies form part of the essential kit list but the fabulous colours of Merkland wood make up for it.
Day 288 - Fly Agaric
 The bright red colour of this fungi gives away it's toxic nature - not one for the pot.
Day 289 - RNLI launch
 The RNLI on Arran got a new lifeboat and today was it's official launch and naming day. The ILB Rachel Hedderwick.
Day 290 - Wet and windy
 The views on today's workshops were stormy and windblown scenes with lots of crashing waves.  But I like the serenity of this tree as we found shelter and a grey stillness in Lochranza.
Day 291 - Night at the Castle
As Brodick Castle prepares to close for the season, it has a couple of scary events this week with halloween and a murder mystery night. Some of the students from this night time session managed to capture 'ghosts' on their pictures.
Day 292 - Head in a hole
This series of three pictures shows Watson spotting a hole and then trying to prise himself into it.  It was just where a wooden post had been but there must have been a good smell down there.

Day 293 - Strangely warm
 We seem to be having a very warm spell for the end of October and it all feels a bit peculiar.
Day 294 - Loch Iorsa 
Took the dog for a short run up to the loch.  I nice undulating track with a swim at the end before we turned back.
Day 295 - Halloween
A pumpkin hanging on the gate of the aptly named 'Dyemill' lodges - I wonder if anyone was brave enough to stay overnight.

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