Friday, 21 November 2014

Learning curves (Days 306 - 316)

Day 306 - Light at the end of the tunnel
Well after the disaster of dropping my camera and favourite lens, the new one has arrived - amazingly in one piece considering the state of the parcel!  I won't name and shame the the large mainland courier but I would have expected better. Can't wait for tomorrow to start putting it through it's paces.
Day 307 - Play time
A few new settings to master, so notepad and camera to make sure I remember what does what and I'm quite excited by the 'in camera' effects - but mostly by how quiet the shutter is.
Day 308 - Not squint
About the only good thing I can say about Day 308 was that the photo is straight.  One of those days where my energy levels are in my boots and I just want to crawl under my duvet. Maybe it's because I cannot view my images as my software was unable to read the new raw file format!  It really is about time there was a universal standard for raw formats.  Meanwhile I wait patiently (not) for an upgrade to arrive.
Day 309 - Late afternoon
Late afternoon now arrives about 2.30pm, when the light starts to fail but also has it's moments of glory before the early sunset. Being on the wrong side of the island for the sunset I had to enjoy how the light bounced off the trees in a golden glow.
Day 310 - Off island
Saturday and I find myself over the East side of Scotland quite near to Dunbar.  This looked like great fun and I couldn't believe it was empty on a Saturday (although it was a bit pricey).  No safety ropes just the water to break any fall - good motivation to hold on tight.
Day 311 - Queuing for the race
And here was the reason for being over on the East side - cani-cross racing.  This is some of the competitors queuing for the start of the race.  Each racer goes through the start at their allotted time, about 10 seconds apart (so the dogs don't get tangled). The best runners start first to try to reduce overtaking and the potential of dog entanglement, so needless to say I'm right at the back - not quite last.
Day 312 - Reach up and touch the sky
The cloud literally looked like I could reach up and touch it, but this is definitely another day 308!
Day 313 - Trying harder
I think it must be pre and post race fatigue but I am trying harder today and back to looking for some textures for my black and whites.  Stone walls always hit the mark.
Day 314 - Back to basics
Trying to get my mojo back (only 50 days to go) so going back to basics with the textures and still loving these rocks.  Fortunate today to have a little boat go past at just the right time.
Day 315 - Grass fan
This grass just jumped out at me from an otherwise fairly mundane path.  It just seemed to fan out in a golden arc with the dark green firs behind.
Day 306 - Cold and windy
Even the swan looked cold!

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