Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Autumn snow on Arran

Well a wet and cold start to the morning with low cloud turned into one of those wonderful blue sky and snow days.  The first snow of the season, although I guess it won’t last long, it really is a sign that winter is on its way.  I now have the right weather to wear my favourite clothes – fleeces and polo neck jumpers!  

On my walk out with the dogs, in the afternoon sun, it was pleasantly warm.  However as soon as we turned into shadow and later in the afternoon I was glad I had my gloves with me.  Even Watson felt the chill – but maybe that was because he spent some time swimming in what can only be described as Baltic temperature water!

Goatfell looked very inviting, but alas not enough time this afternoon to climb it. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that it stays snowy for the weekend.

I love the colours of autumn, yellows, oranges and reds are so warm in contrast to the snowy blue and white.  The next few weeks should see changes more into reds and browns, if we don’t get any high winds to take all the leaves down.

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  1. Hi Jackie my mum Laura Aitcheson is in the running group. I love your blog I now follow you.