Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bird in a storm

Yesterday I sat watching my bird feeder (I should have been doing something else but apathy had set in), time disappeared as I watched what appeared to be an organised queuing system along my fence. Most of the birds are common across the UK but are still beautiful to look at.  Ironically in the background the news relayed the frightening (well I would be scared) weather storms hitting America and it made me think.... how lucky I am?,  No I wondered how soon it would be before we get the tail end of the storm as we often do!  And also where do the birds, especially seabirds, go during this weather?  Are they on the wing being buffeted around or do they find a bolt hole somewhere?  
The afternoon brought sunny skies and no wind, Lamlash bay was full of resting seabirds, oyster catchers, turnstones, curlews and a variety of gulls, all huddled in together. Peace reigns for the moment :0)


  1. How many birds are in the last photo??

  2. My birding friends have let me know that I forgot to mention the ringed plovers and that the birds are often blown along in front of the storms :0)