Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Advantages to long dark nights

It was when  I was watching the Olympic firework display and talking to a friend that I realised just how different the light is up here on Arran.  In the summer our evenings lasted a lot longer, to the point that it really never got properly dark at all.  However that does mean payback comes in the winter as the nights draw in around 4pm and morning seems to start around brunch time! Now don't laugh but there really are some advantages to long dark nights.

There is absolutely no excuse for not having enough time to snuggle up with partners, friends and even the dog. Night time photography can be great fun, especially when it's really just after tea and not in the middle of the night.  

There is nothing like a good stroll around a graveyard to get the nerves jangling - goodness knows what drivers thought when they neared Brodick, with strange moving lights and flashes going off!

The local hotels (Lamlash Bay Hotel & Glenisle Hotel) look really cheerful and welcoming at night, all lit up and I think more inviting than during the day if its dull.

Brodick castle can always be seen across the bay all lit up and appearing like its floating in midair.

Experiment by taking things outside, the darkness can add another dimension to a picture. 

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