Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Back to black (and white) Day 99 - 111

I have been assured that my current mind set of 'never again' with regard to the A to Z challenge, that I completed today, will actually wear off and I may even look forward to next years!  I'm not so convinced and am just happy to be getting back to my monochrome challenge - which, hopefully will resume a routine of blogging every 10 days. But this is a catch up version of the last 13 days and as it crossed the Easter Holiday (did I actually get a break?) it hasn't all been routine. But here's a small change in format as I continue to ramble in the caption of each photo.
Day 99 A rope, a bit of water and hours of fun  - no children around - have they forgotten how to play outside? Of course the sun helped, as did the large knot!
Day 100 - And a trip with Ocean Breeze Rib tours, a treat for Rory and Jenny.  Another glorious day, more so for not having to work, and we followed it with a couple of pints and a meal at the Drift Inn 
Still Day 100 (well I think it deserves and extra mention for reaching that milestone), and a closer look at the figurehead on the Viking boat in Lamlash bay. The figurehead represents a black eagle and Arran has its own Viking Society!
Day 101 - And a walk around Lochranza head to see Huttons Unconformity and Fairy Dell.  Armed with a picnic (yes the sun was shining again), we strolled very leisurely, exploring rock pools along the way.  We also did a quick visit to the Distillery to have a look at Angela's exhibition of paintings.
Day 102 - Bank holiday Monday, but not if you teach at Argyll college.  I had a class.  Needless to say, a sunny bank holiday didn't encourage students to turn up.  So for the ones that did we had a lovely sunny field trip, with me setting photo challenges along the way.
Day 103 - I discovered I had a mouse in the dog food cupboard.  Tell tale signs of a shredded hole in the food bag and a couple of droppings.  So I left the door open, and Bowser patiently and very quietly stood guard.  Bowser is a dog but he has great cat like qualities when it comes to mice and sure enough within the hour our little pest had been dispatched.
Day 104 - Driving through Whiting Bay, it's only been the last month or so that I've been aware of a derelict house, complete with reliant robin in the front garden.  There has been some serious garden clearance going on, making it visible.  I presume some work will start to demolish what is left and rebuild as the position of the house is great.
Day 105 - Another workshop, this time with a client from Amsterdam.  Thankfully the sun shone (perhaps I failed to mention that my client on Tuesday got mild hypothermia and a good soaking!) The seals were on full view and the sea calm - but most noticeably there were no midges. 
Day 106 - Bad news for hay fever sufferers as the trees bloom and are a common cause of discomfort. I'd spied this one earlier in the week, and as I finished another day full of workshops, I managed a quick snap. 
Day 107 - Out with one of my regular groups and I have to say it felt like the middle of winter.  We were frozen photographing the sea crashing on rocks.  Then as we moved into Whiting bay the weather started to improve.  I love the planted boats in the village, and its only by walking round with a camera that the smaller details are noticed; like the planted cup and saucer outside Coast.
Day 108 - The blossom on the trees just screams of spring and was just too pretty to miss out.  I had taken quite a few pictures today, and this was not the one I planned to use for this project but it seems to work.
Day 109 - The skies were heavy and felt like a storm.  The midges have started and clearly the horse was having to deal with a few flies.  There seem to be a lot of horses in the field at the moment, and some are stunning, even to me who isn't a 'horse' person.
Day 110 - In danger of becoming too flora with so many flowers appearing.  But the humble daisy is still one of my favourites and I remember sitting on the grass at school making daisy chains - do they still do that?
Day 111 - Today its just a snap.  Playing catch up and looking around the garden for something non floral!  I settled on this hook and chain. Its actually 2 hooks with a centre ring, very heavy, and was left in the garden when I bought the house (amid some rubble).  I have no use for it, but wire brushed it and painted it with metal paint before hanging on the outside of my studio wall as a feature. I've no idea what it was used for.
Well that's another session done, see you in 10 days :0)

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  1. What a great series of photos! New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again.