Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kings Cave (A to Z challenge)

Kings cave is a group of caves that are accessible to most visitors to the Isle of Arran.  They are just north of Blackwaterfoot where there is a forestry commission car park. The caves are formed from sandstone and are steeped in history with associations to Robert the Bruce and Irish hero Fionn. Over time the cave has been used as shelter, worship and even a school.  Modern graffiti now mixes with old historic markings.

Some carvings date back many centuries, possibly even to bronze age (Machrie Moor stones are about 1 mile away) and have been worn away or overlaid by both more recent carvings and mineral deposits. A good list of the ancient carvings can be found on one of my previous blogs.

To find all the markings, a good torch is needed to light the deepest recesses of the fork, found at the back of the cave.  And don’t forget to explore the little channels and other caves around.


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  2. Those carvings are marvellous. Thanks for sharing!