Saturday, 5 April 2014

E is for Eas Mor

This is one of those gems on Arran that not everybody finds.  Eas Mor means 'great fall' and that's exactly what it is; a 103 foot high waterfall.  It is fairly accessible along a good track that has been improved by the Arran Trust after many years of hard work by the owners to make this a place for everyone to experience the tranquilly of old woodland and hidden glens.
The path is a little steep, but take it slowly and you will be rewarded with views stretching out to Pladda and of course the waterfall.  Explorers will find the turfed resource hut, wild flowers and plenty of wildlife.  The energetic can continue the walk along the path up to Loch Garbad (in summer take insect repellent). This path can be a little muddy and at present provides additional interest with some krypton factor style obstacles - I'm sure these will be cleared by the summer.
Loch Garbad


  1. It sounds like a vigorous and scenic hike!

    1. A great afternoon walk (with a tiny bit of up) - nothing like our mountain walks.

  2. Lovely photographs, I've been to Scotland twice and loved it.
    Visiting from A - Z and new follower.

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