Thursday, 3 April 2014

Castles in the sky (A to Z challenge)

Arran has a number of castles around the island and it’s fair share of historic ruins.  What’s left of the castle at Kildonan surely will not last much longer if the weather we have experienced in the last couple of years continues.  The edge is severely eroded and it won’t be long before it tumbles onto the shore.
The remains of the tiny Lochranza castle sit on a spit that guards the entrance up the glen and is frequently visited by the red deer that freely roam around the village. And of course there is Brodick Castle.

Kildonan Castle
But my heart belongs to ‘the castles’, known as Caisteal Abhail.  This is an area in the mountains with some wonderful and surreal rock formations, likened to castle battlements.  There is no easy route up to the top (or down), but hikers can be rewarded with 360 degree views, right across the Kintyre peninsular to the Isles of Islay and Jura.  Route descriptions to get up here can be found on the Walk the Highlands site (a great resource for hikers of all abilities).

Views are very weather dependant!


  1. It's too bad the weather is destroying the historic site. Wonderful photos.
    Visiting from AtoZ

    1. Things change. And who knows what will be discovered if it does topple!

  2. We loved Schottland, it's such a great place for photography :)

    Shere y Paul: C is for Canary Islands, Bodegas Monje