Thursday, 17 April 2014

Getting behind but not giving in! Day 85 - 98

Daily blogging is harder than I thought (the A to Z project) and as such my regular blogs for this project - 365 monochrome - has fallen behind a few days.  But I have been taking the pictures, it's quite addictive after the initial pain barrier has been passed. The challenge of B & W has definitely made me look at things with more regard to light and form, so I hope it is doing me some good along the way. So here's a bumper crop of my latest.
Day 85
I love swans (I actually love lots of things), but they are photogenic and the ones at Lamlash see quite amenable to my camera, allowing me to get quite low down without getting a broken arm!
Day 86
Sometimes as a photographer you get to enjoy other peoples happiness and today was one of them when  I had the privilege of joining this small family wedding.  Everyone radiated happiness, looked beautiful and despite the earlier rain the sun came out for the photographs.
Day 87
People often describe themselves as some sort of 'animal' person, ie. he's a cat person, she's a dog person - well I am definitely not a horse person!  They scare me, big hooves, bigger teeth and clever to boot.  No I didn't get that close - it's what telephoto lenses were made for.
Day 88 
Last week these bulrushes were intact, a few days later an explosion has occurred and it looks like something has emerged - maybe miniature aliens? I remember back in the 70's my mum having some of these in a big vase!
Day 89
Today I stumbled across the work of 'Artist in residence' Karen Rann at Brodick Castle.  With some new concepts and utilising natural resources she manipulates the environment to create 'art'.  She's back later in May, so I'm sure I'll revisit and you may get to see more of her workl
Day 90
This delicate little flower is a Stitchwort and has some other great nicknames such as 'wedding cakes' and 'daddy's shirt buttons'.  Snapped in a hedgerow in Brodick.
Day 91
The day after being told the geese had flown, I came across 8 Canadian geese on one of the water features at Machrie Bay Golf Course. A little camera shy, I had to hide behind a bush to get these.
Day 92
Today was a day of photographing fields for a land survey - see it's not all exciting work! GPS in hand, map fluttering in the wind, and naffed off drivers when I planted my tripod in the middle of the road.
Day 93
Military manoeuvres in Lamlash Bay, it looked a peculiar shape and I couldn't find out anything about it - not that it hung around for very long.
Day 94 
Back to the regular dog walk at Dyemill - tents are appearing on the grass near the car park - Easter is coming (ha and so are the midges).  Love to see everyone outdoors enjoying themselves, so long as they take their rubbish away.
Day 95
A new visitor to my garden.  Pied Wagtails are common around here, I just don't normally get them in the garden - and long enough to get a snap.
Day 96
With no real urban areas on Arran, there aren't massive opportunities to photo interesting architecture and buildings.  But this is Dougarie Lodge at Machrie.
Day 97
And today is day 97 (a bit excited that I've nearly reached 100) but running out of steam and think I need to get that bottle opened.  So nice to be able to do some outside shots today when working on some new holiday properties with a client.  So now it's late and I'm off to get my nightcap.

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