Monday, 28 April 2014

Xanadu (A to Z challenge)

The dictionary definition of Xanadu is of a place of great beauty and contentment, so what more can I say about Arran as I near the end of this challenge?
The seals bask in the sunshine
I have yet to meet Kubla Khan but I'm sure he's here somewhere. But meanwhile I can wander the mountains, explore the caves, splash in the rivers and paddle in the sea. I never really got into poetry, yet I love to read books, shame on me that I rarely remember the author as I immerse myself in characters.  And I like a weighty tome as I don't want it to be over too quickly.  I also like it to be made of paper - no kindles for me!
Goatfell viewed through the forest trees
But I digress from the beauty of Arran and as I sit here and write this little note, there is a red squirrel in my garden, and about 60 birds of several varieties.

For those who wish to read the poem here's a link.
Dyemill - my daily dog walk

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  1. You certainly do live in a lovely place of great beauty and you must feel contentment most of the time.