Thursday, 24 April 2014

Urie Loch, Isle of Arran (A to Z challenge)

Urie Loch - Frozen
This is just a short walk from my house, however it is quite a steep walk and qualifies as a 'good walk'! There is nothing particularly special about this Loch but being close to home and infrequently visited by locals or tourists, it's one I go to fairly often. I rarely see anyone when I do.
Bowser - one of my curious spaniels
In winter it's easy to find 'virgin' snow and sometimes the loch freezes over.  In summer it hums with insects flitting around the heather and birds.  I know the deer visit as I have seen their tracks by the water but the strangest visitor I came across was a naked man presumably meditating.  I guess he thought if he stayed quiet and still I wouldn't see him - highly unlikely that he would go unnoticed as I was accompanied by my two cocker spaniels - they miss nothing and bounded across to investigate!
My 'family' at the loch 


  1. I wonder why he had to meditate without clothes on?

  2. What a beautiful place! I love the textiles of the area; I haven't seen as much about the landscape. Gorgeous.

    This is A. Catherine Noon, visiting from the Noon and Wilder blog at for the A-Z Challenge (and the Under 100 Followers section too), #1554 on the list. Happy blogging!