Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Yard (A to Z challenge)

One place I am always guaranteed to get a photograph is the yard. Just down the road in the middle of Lamlash is a small boat yard and pier where all things nautical can be found, such as the Holy Isle ferry, Ocean breeze rib tours and of course the RNLI.
The boat yard at Lamlash
Many of the yachts seem to stay put all year round but other's regularly go out to sea, and are moored in the bay.  But its not just the boats but all the other things around that can inspire an image.  There are anchors, swans, and people.

Discarded anchor
The pier is also the site of the Boxing Day Dooking!  Where the hardy (and some would say foolish) throw themselves into the sea and swim around the pier in what is often freezing temperatures.  The RNLI have staff in the water so it does not turn into a tragedy and remains a fun event. My excuse for not 'dooking' is the camera would get wet!
Old boat put to good use at Whiting Bay


  1. So pleased I found you on the A to Z blog hop this morning, great pics! I love photos of discarded items, so loved your anchor pic in particular.

    Curling Stones for Lego People

  2. The flowers in the old boat are beautiful.

    In the Way Everlasting

    1. There are several boats in the village that have been planted with flowers, such a good idea.

  3. There is something evocative about a discarded anchor and the flowers in the boat are lovely.

  4. Yes! My son would love those yachts and I would love to take home that boat of flowers! Smiling!