Thursday, 10 April 2014

Iorsa River (A to Z challenge)

The river and Loch Iorsa are on the west side of the Isle of Arran and run through the Dougarie Estate.  The river can be fished for Salmon and Trout (with a permit, in season) and runs for several miles before joining the sea at Machrie.
River Iorsa
A track runs along the side of the river which makes for a lovely walk, but be warned there are two fords to cross.  One has a bridge, but the other does not and in all but the driest of weather there is water to paddle through. Often several inches deep (or more) it is easy to remove boots and paddle as the track is concreted at this point and easy to walk on.
River Iorsa as it enters the sea
Stunningly scenic, buzzards, eagles and red deer can often be seen, along with other birds (not to mention pheasant that are looked after on the Estate). A walk description (and picture of the ford) can be found on the Walk the Highlands website.

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