Monday, 14 April 2014

Lamlash (A to Z challenge)

Lamlash is the largest village on the Isle of Arran and is just south of Brodick.  It sits in a sheltered bay overlooking Holy Isle.  All the main administrative functions for the island can be found here, such as the hospital, high school and police station.
Lamlash with Goatfell in the background
In the centre of Lamlash a monument can be found to commemorate the ‘Clearances’. A time when rural communities were forced move off the land and many emigrated to Canada.

Looking down to Lamlash from one of the tracks at Dyemill
But one of my favourite places is an area called Dyemill.  This is very close to my home and where I frequently walk my dogs and take photographs. There are many walks from the car park, along forest tracks, through woodland and forest, past waterfalls and along rivers. The camera helps to remind me of the beauty to be found and how it changes through the seasons, so that I don't take it for granted.
Footbridge at Dyemill


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    1. Thank you, its one of many - through different seasons. I'm lucky to live here.

  2. I am learning so much and am grateful for all the hops over to my blog too. That place seems a must visit huh?

    1. For anyone who comes to Scotland this is one place that has it all.