Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Zero (A to Z challenge)

I have finally reached Zero in the countdown to the finish line and what have I learned from this challenge?  Firstly I am not a writer, but neither am I a quitter (I did feel like it on several occasions). That I love [my] island - which is good as I did make a conscious effort to chase my dream and move here and I still have many places left to explore.
I also apologise to anyone who thinks they should have starred in my blog - but I made a decision to only have one main subject for each letter - and believe me it was hard to decide what to cover as Arran has so many delights.  But I'm not hanging around today, it feels like the end of term - Schools out - I'm off to play.

Hope you've enjoyed it.


  1. It's been lovely to see all the beautiful pictures and interests on your special island. Well done for finishing the challenge. I think we need a rest now but that's not going to happen.