Friday, 4 April 2014

The double day blog (Days 73 - 84)

For those who read my blog you will be well aware I am doing an extra challenge this month which has more to do with writing than taking photographs. But I will still be blogging my monochrome diary regularly and this is my latest batch of black and white images.
Day 73 - Goatfell across Brodick Bay
So the last 12 days have seen me get snowed on, blown off my feet and enjoy some sunshine.  On day 73, I set off in delightful sunshine – a beautiful spring morning and managed to capture a lovely picture of Brodick bay despite being snowed on! 
Day 74 - This tree survived against the odds.
The weather held and both my dogs decided they would come out for a walk (as you know Bowser doesn’t bother if it’s raining).  I had a moment of concern when I seemed to lose him and had to whistle, only to discover he was happily raiding a couple’s lovely picnic!  Thank goodness they were dog friendly and I slunk away trying to ignore the footprints on top of the bench! I did want to take a picture of their wicker and gingham picnic basket but thought it would have been a bit cheeky to ask under the circumstances, so settled for this bizarre tree root.
Day 75 - Mum giving me a death stare!
I now travel along the Ross every morning and am enjoying the spring lambs which are out in the fields.  I like it when they are a little older and start to frolic with each other a bit more. Mum was being very protective, so I didn't stop long (not that I had time).
Day 76 - Still waters
Wednesday I did a reccie of a wedding venue, to check the gardens and see how ‘firm’ the grass would be, that’s hoping the weather will be good enough for the service to be outside.  The sun was just right and created a lovely reflection in the water feature. If we can’t get outside on the day, not to worry as there are plenty of interior alternatives.
Day 77 - Arran distillery
Missing the convoy on Thursday I took the opportunity to drive round the north end of the island and drop some leaflets off at the Distillery.  I noticed they have changed the entrance doorway.  It looks much better (although the leaflets are now hidden) and more welcoming. I really must get here when there are no cars – it could make a lovely photo.
Day 78 - Cows
Friday saw some of my regular students completing another short course and we went for a walk at Cladach.  The cows didn’t seem to be camera shy, unlike most animals and the magnolia were in full bloom, along with some rhododendrons.
Day 79 - Old cones
Saturday was a day for chopping down a tree, sorting out the wood store and only realising late in the day that I still needed a photo – so many missed opportunities.  So a quick run out turned up a cluster of old fir cones, still clinging to a branch. Job done!
Day 80 - Old bones
Sundays challenge, was to photograph wagtails and getting to grips with my 2x extender on a monopod.  I can’t cart my tripod everywhere and wasn’t sure the mono would be strong enough for the job.  Taking Watson along with me, I did succeed and despite nearly dropping the main lens, the flighty wagtails were captured.  Watson was very quiet while I was ‘working’ and I quickly discovered the reason – not sure if this is bovine or seal!
Day 81 - Stuffed!
Monday is my manic day – cramming so much in, I rarely finish before 9pm.  But I snapped this greedy Chaffinch in my feeder when making a cup of coffee (I'm not the only one cramming too much in).  Seriously cropped but I think you get the gist of why I spend more on bird food than dog food!  I think I’ll rename him chipmunk!
Day 82 - A misty day over Lamlash golf course
Ahh, April Fools day and maybe I am foolish but I have added an extra challenge to my life.  Just for this month (hence the double blog day).  This is a daily blog and more for the writing than imagery but it should meet my need for some colour!  Not that I could find much on this grey day when I took a walk to Dunan Beag.  The sign says 200m – be warned its very steep! But after a choice of photo's I settled on this one, on route, with views over the golf course.
Day 83 - Millipede in disguise
I actually set off to photograph some large orange millipedes that had been residing under a piece of slate in my garden.  But true to form, despite having been there for weeks,as soon as the camera appeared they disappeared and I was left with this poor substitute beetle.  Very tiny and very active, it would not stay still!
Day 84 - Passable for the agile!
And the last of this series was taken on my krypton factor walk, which I undertook to get some images for my other blog challenge and letter E.  So to find out where it is you will have to wait for tomorrow's blog!

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  1. Superb pictures! What an advert for Arran.