Thursday, 17 April 2014

O is for Ocean Breeze (A to Z challenge)

Russell refueling the rib
Living on an island I'm never far from the sea, in fact the road follows the coast all the way around.  I love the coast (I grew up by the seaside), whether it be sunny or stormy days, the sea constantly changes colour and if forever giving up its treasure.  I am always amazed at how many shoes get washed up! And the occasional Viking!
Ocean breeze giving some Vikings a tow (photo courtesy of David Kelso)
For those who are tempted by a little more excitement that a brisk stroll on the beach we have the aptly names Ocean Breeze Rib tours - run by Russell and Elspeth.  Trips include a jaunt around Holy Isle or Pladda, evening cruises, or my favourite out to Ailsa Craig, a crag a few miles off Arran's coast and home to thousands of sea birds.  I also hear there may be night cruises for stargazing later in the year - can't wait.
Ailsa Craig is the sugar loaf island in the background


  1. Another great post and I love the last picture, it is almost surreal.

  2. Ocean Breeze Rib Tours on Viking ships no less - WOW! I bet you all have stories that go along with those shoes!
    Visiting from A-Z Blogging Challenge,